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Melbourne Transport


Melbourne is served with a robust public transportation network. It has one of the world's most extensive tram networks, almost 300 bus routes and a train system with more than 15 lines. Unlike many major cities in the world, Melbourne has an integrated public transport system. With Metcard, users can buy one ticket and are able to use it on bus, train and tram, or all three of them. Today, the city's public transport networks are run by private operators.

Melbourne Trams
The city of Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, is home to the third largest tram network in the world, consisting of 245 kilometres of track, 500 trams, and 1770 tram stops. Operated by the private company Yarra Trams since privatization in the late 1990s, Melbourne's trams contribute greatly to the city's distinctive character and are held in great affection by the people of Melbourne.

Melbourne Rail
At the substantive level, the railway network was assessed by a secret report commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure, in April 2004, as effectively at 100 percent capacity during peak periods due to serious "bottlenecks" around and in the city, leaving the system inadequate for meeting present, let alone future demands. The decades of under-investment has meant that very large new suburbs have no rail lines, and that the existing system has been unable to boost services to effectively capitalise upon the clearly increased demand caused by the rise in fuel prices - a missed golden opportunity as commuters struggle with inadequate services in uncomfortably packed carriages, with their small seats and lack of legroom. The lack of new express tracks also means that the far flung outer suburbs have slow services into the inner areas, causing far more to use the parallel freeway-tollway systems than would otherwise occur.

Melbourne Buses
Melbourne, capital city of the State of Victoria, Australia, features an extensive bus network. While the city is better known for its (predominantly) inner-city tram network and radial train network, for many commuters in the middle and outer suburbs of Melbourne the primary mode of public transport is by bus. Unlike Melbourne's train and tram networks, up until the 1970s, buses in Melbourne were operated in a largely deregulated free market by private companies. As a result of this, the network is operated by a number of privately-owned bus companies.

Melbourne Roads
A controversial current project is the building of the Mitcham to Frankston Freeway, or Eastlink as it is now officially known. At a cost of $2.5 billion the freeway is currently being built through some of the most heavily developed regions of Melbourne, thus justifying the exorbitant cost. At the heart of the controversy the freeway is set to become a tollway, despite election promises from both Steve Bracks, the current Victorian Premier, and opposition leader Robert Doyle that the freeway would be toll free.

Melbourne Airport
Melbourne's International Airport located adjacent to the outer north-western suburb of Tullamarine is the nation's second busiest. Over 30 airlines and 22 million passengers are served and service there each year. A secondary airport is located at Avalon, to the south-west between Melbourne and Geelong. A cut-price airline, Qantas subsidiary Jetstar, has recently commenced using Avalon for its flights to Melbourne and Brisbane. Melbourne's first major airport, Essendon Airport, is no longer used for scheduled international or domestic flights. Airbase RAAF Point Cook, where the Australian Air Force originated, is located near the city's southwestern limits. Moorabbin Airport is located to the south of Melbourne, and is primarily used for recreation flying and for flying lessons, conducted in Piper and Cessna aircraft. Moorabbin is also used for small airlines such as services to King Island. Moorabbin is a GAAP airport and its code is YMMB.

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