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Better Back

The design of the Better Back Program means that we should have a lot of success, because the Better Back Program approaches spinal problems for a completely different perspective. We believe that our five special routines - taking just one minute each - do something no other program does.

We believe the Better Back Program addresses a fundamental cause of spinal pain in a unique and exceptionally simple, time-saving way.

Without going too deeply into technical details here, we understand that the Better Back Program restores the all-important brain signals to the injured ares in the spine like no other routines know to us.

Without the brain signal to an injured muscle, no amount of exercising will strengthen that muscle. Yet that muscle will continue to atrophy at an alarming rate that is, lose strength and therefore cause the spine to be pulled further and further out of alignment and balance.

Once our special exercises restore the brain signals, the same exercises then commence the job of strengthening the muscles until they are eventually in balance along the spine.

That’s why we say that the Better Back Program must work when it is performed correctly.


Success Stories

Golfer Now Plays 3-4 Times Per Week Without Pain

"Before I retired I would play golf once a week on the weekend. I would then spend the rest of the week with chronic pain in my lower back, which would just be on the mend enough to play golf the following weekend. I also needed a prescription ointment to help me through the week to mitigate the effects of the back pain. I now golf three or four times a week, have almost zero back pain and in the process have halved my handicap. More importantly, my quality of life has soared!"


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