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Melbourne Victoria Australia


There is so much to love about Melbourne. This sophisticated world city in the south-east corner of mainland Australia inspires a deep passion in those lucky enough to live here. Locals and visitors love Melbourne as it is a city of energy, sophistication and innovation. It is also a city of history and cultural diversity that displays a vibrant energy.

The Melburnian lifestyle has been greatly influenced by people from more than 140 nations who have made this city their home, creating a rich, multicultural society.

From magnificent tree-lined streets and classic architecture to the vast array of culinary experiences, Melbourne is a city of contrasts offering something for everyone.

Melbourne is a lively city driven by its residents, including artists, cultural industries, businesses, educational institutions, community groups and special-interest groups.

Melbourne, is a relatively modern city which is less than 200 years old. New futuristic designs add to the fascinating mix of architecture and ensure the skyline is constantly changing. Melbourne is very much about lifestyle. It is no huge surprise to residents that their city has been named in an international poll as the world's most liveable city as well as the event
capital of Australia. Melbourne plays host to a non-stop events calendar that includes the Melbourne International Arts Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. No wonder why Melbourne City is such a huge hit with all that live and visit with a staggering choice of restaurants, funky boutiques, café-filled laneways, nightclubs, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, luscious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own special character.

Melburnians embrace many things in particular:

Sport (Australian Rules football is almost a religion);
Fashion (the look is chic with a dash of quirky); and
Festivals (the calendar is packed year round). This is demonstrated through the year with major events including the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the AFL Grand Final, the Australian Open Tennis Championships and the world-famous horse race that stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne City is laid out in a symmetrical, rectangular grid, with wide streets and plenty of parks and gardens, Melbourne long ago gained a reputation as Australia's "Garden City". It's a reputation it is proud to maintain today, with some of the country's most impressive parks and gardens located in the city.

Sometimes, the best part of visiting a new city is when you unexpectedly depart from the tourist trail and glimpse the city's "real" side. While the big attractions can be great fun, often it's the more subtle "insider" experiences that leave you feeling really satisfied.

Melbourne Info Link will help provide you with some inside information and valuable links to help you discover Melbourne, the capital of Victoria Australia.

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